Functional, discreet and easy to use, VENID is ideal for meeting rooms and modern conference rooms. It adapts perfectly to the surface for a harmonious appearance. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, this connection box opens on each side for optimal use and easy access to the socket strip.


Couvercle et tops des boïtiers de connexion VENID




VENID has been designed to integrate as discreetly as possible into a meeting table. Cutting the original tray easily and quickly fits into the mounting frame to allow the tray and table connection box to form a harmonious whole.



This connection box also offers a particularly useful asset because it makes it possible to easily store the cables thanks to its tray. The two-way openable lid facilitates handling and leaves room for lateral cable entry. Two power strips can be integrated into the VENID tray. The mounting frame and the tray are available separately, so that it is possible to continue using already installed cable channel systems.


 Ensemble VENID, boîtier de connexion encastré dans une table de réunion



Bandeau multiprise compatible avec VENID




Perfectly compatible with VENID enclosures, POWER’CUBE power strips are configurable on demand and are the ideal solution for access to strong and weak currents.

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