Presentation TEC’ARMS

TEC’ARMS monitor arms are ergonomic, functional, user-friendly supports. Designed to make moving the screen as easy as possible for the user, these arms operate on the basis of a multi-directional joint mechanism which allows 360° rotation and a tilt angle up to 15°.

 bras support écran jusqu'à 24" à système mécanique de déplacement

Combining safety and mobility, these screen support arms can accommodate screens of up to 24" which are easily positioned thanks to their double joint mechanism. Finally, with its sleek design, the TEC’ARMS range discreetly fits into the work surfaces. An essential solution for desks fitted with screens.

Description TEC’ARMS

bras support-écran ergonomiques et mécaniques 

Models and finishes for TEC’ARMS

Models for TEC’ARMS monitor arms

TEC’ARMS extensions

TEC’ARMS is available in various sizes ranging from the ball joint on a pole to the triple extension with a four-way pivot adjustment.

Tec'Arms'monitor arm extension 

TEC’ARMS arm attachments

The TEC’ARMS series can be supplied with different fixing systems: Either with a through-hole fitting with or without a cable feed, or using clamps of various sizes.

 Fixations des DESK'ARMS ZOOM

TEC’ARMS arms finishes

Finitions des DESK'ARMS ZOOM 

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