Presentation POWER’POLE

Combining design and precision, Power’Pole retractable pillars are ideal for restricted spaces. These units fully retract into the desktop for a completely clutter-free work surface. They enable you to connect the furniture without intruding on the work surface and they optimise the available space.

Bornes de prises et ports de connexion escamotables

Power’Pole is a range of easy-to-use products offering maximum connection with minimum cluttering.

Bornes de prises escamotables dans le plan de travail et les tables de réunion

Functional and customisable with power sockets, multimedia sockets and network connections, POWER’POLE solutions meet all professional connection needs.

Description POWER’POLE

Bornes de connexion escamotables fixé dans le bureau

Models and finishes for POWER’POLE

Retractable terminal models

Examples of configurations for retractable terminal connection solutions

Various models of the POWER'POLE solution


Finishes for retractable covers and lids

Colour finishes

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