Presentation POWER’BOX

POWER’BOX is a built-in metal box with custom configuration. It is made of a metal structure that is built into the table with a quick fitting system and a strip which houses the sockets.

boitiers de prises encastrables dans le plan de travail et tables de réunion

Its shallow depth means that it adapts easily to most work surfaces. With its brush seal, the box can be closed even when the plugs are connected. POWER’BOX is adaptable thanks to its detachable network and multimedia modules. Available in 3, 4 or 6 modules.

Description POWER’BOX

boîtiers de prises encastrés dans les plans de travail et les tables de réunion

Models and finishes for POWER’BOX

Built-in box models

Examples of module configurations

Below you will find some examples of configurations for POWER’BOX

Examples of configuration for POWER'BOX

List of connection modules

Create your own POWER’BOX by adding the modules that meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Liste des modules de connection pour FRAME'BOX

1 - Solid faceplate 45 x 45mm
2 - Solid faceplate 45 x 22.5mm
3 - French socket, 2 poles + earth
4 - Double USB 2.0, 45 x 45mm
5 - USB 2.0 or 3.0, 45 x 45mm
6 - USB 2.0 or 3.0, 45 x 22,5mm
7 - Faceplate 45 x 45mm + 2 RJ45 cover
8 - Faceplate 45 x 22.5mm + 1 RJ45 cover


9 - Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 45mm
10 - Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 22.5mm
11 - VGA connectors + Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 45mm
12 - VGA connection unit, 45 x 45mm
13 - HDMI socket, 45 x 22.5mm
14 - DVl-I connectors + Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 45mm
15 - 3-pin XLR connector 45 x 22.5mm
16 - BNC connector (with cable), 45 x 22.5mm


POWER’BOX connectic box finishes


Choose the box finish that will best integrate into the existing environment.

Box colours finishes

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