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Mobilier pour l’aménagement des salles de formation informatique

How to fit out a training room

Many companies have understood the importance of continuous training of employees, especially with the (...)

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Functional, discreet and easy to use, VENID is ideal for meeting rooms and modern conference rooms. It adapts (...)

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EGIC’MEDIA, Furniture for collaborative work

Whether in business, at university, or in public spaces, collaborative work is required. EGIC'MEDIA allows to (...)

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EGIC’FORM Series 2.2 new video

EGIC'FORM Series 2.2 is a range of design furniture for the development of computer training rooms and multimedia meeting rooms. This solution is equipped with an (...)


Modulift is an innovative system for retracting screens electrically under the worktop. This motorized solution is ideal for upgrading a training room. Indeed, (...)

White furniture, connectivity adapts!

For a few years now, work spaces have become more and more refined and white is emerging as the current trend of office furniture. It is only natural that (...)

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