Presentation MULTI’SCREENS

MULTl’SCREENS is a multi-screen support arm solution constructed from DYNAMIC’ARM screen support arms. It has all the advantages of the DYNAMIC’ARM ergonomic arms thanks to its gas spring assisted technology. MULTl’SCREENS consist of COMBI and MULTI.

Bras support multi-écrans par rail incurvé ou bras multiples

COMBI allows you to combine up to 8 arms on one monitor arm, all independent of each other, on a single central mount with a wide range of possible configurations

MULTI is composed of a curved rail which can incorporate up to three 28"screens. Its concave shape creates an immersive visual whole making it easier to focus and concentrate

The MULTl’SCREENS multi-screen support solutions meet all the requirements of computer and control desks found in command rooms, control rooms and trading rooms.


bras pour le support de plusieurs écrans

Models and finishes for MULTI’SCREENS

Multi-screen monitor arm models


Multi'screens-combi models


MULTI'SCREENS - multi models


Monitor arms finishes

The MULTl’SCREENS range is available in 3 colours: white, aluminium grey and black

colours finishes

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