Presentation MEETING’BOX

Meeting’Box is an electrically retractable socket box, particularly well-suited for meeting rooms and executive desks. It slots into the centre of the table and rises or lowers to access the required sockets and data connection modules.

Discreet and functional, the Meeting’Box retractable multi-socket box is integrated into the meeting table for minimal visual impact thanks to its customisable top

boitier de connexion escamotable au centre d'une table de réunion

Its electric lifting system is quiet, seamless and easy to use. Once open, access to the various power and multimedia sockets enables direct connection. The perfect solution for meeting tables and management tables as they make these meetings more productive and friendly

Table de réunion équipée d'un boitier de prises escamotable

This series consists of two configurable models: a single-sided Executive model and a double-sided Meeting model

Description MEETING’BOX

Simple to install, MEETING’BOX is easily integrated into existing table tops from 25 to 40mm, thanks to its customisable top. Meeting’Box has seamless and quiet vertical elevation. Truly practical thanks to its two-sided connection, MEETING’BOX is used on meeting tables, general meeting tables and conference tables.

boîtier escamotable électriquement de prises d'alimentations et de données

Models and finishes for MEETING’BOX

MEETING’BOX retractable nox models

Configuration examples for 1 or 2 sides

Configuration examples for 1 or 2 sides

List of modules for connections

Create your MEETING’BOX in accordance with your needs using the list of modules below. Please contact us for more information.

Liste des modules de connection pour FRAME'BOX

1 - Solid faceplate 45 x 45mm
2 - Solid faceplate 45 x 22.5mm
3 - French socket, 2 poles + earth
4 - Double USB 2.0, 45 x 45mm
5 - USB 2.0, 45 x 45mm
6 - USB 2.0, 45 x 22,5mm
7 - Faceplate 45 x 45mm + 2 RJ45 cover
8 - Faceplate 45 x 22.5mm + 1 RJ45 cover


9 - Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 45mm
10 - Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 22.5mm
11 - VGA connectors + Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 45mm
12 - VGA connection unit, 45 x 45mm
13 - HDMI socket, 45 x 22.5mm
14 - DVl-I connectors + Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 45mm
15 - 3-pin XLR connector 45 x 22.5mm
16 - BNC connector (with cable), 45 x 22.5mm


Finitions des boîtiers escamotables pour tables de réunion

MEETING’BOX is a laminated solution. To make the box even more discreet and for near-seamless integration, it is recommended to make the cover using the material left over from cutting the table top to install the box.
Please find below examples of the finishes and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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