Many companies have understood the importance of continuous training of employees, especially with the ever-increasing evolution of new technologies. Having trained staff is paramount and having their own training room becomes a real strategic and economic advantage. Before setting up a room, it is necessary to clearly define its objectives and needs. Indeed, the design of a training room is a project that must be studied and meet the needs of ergonomics and management of computer equipment. It is therefore important to ask the right questions. What size do you have? How many people would you like to put in this room? Will this room be dedicated to an application? What kind of learning will there be? How will the training courses take place?

Furniture : IT, ergonomic but also modular!

There is a large selection of tables and professional furniture, but not all of them are suitable for a training room. It is necessary to have suitable furniture, training furniture that meets certain criteria such as ergonomics, resistance and the capacity of integration of the equipment.

Comfort is an important factor in learning. It is necessary to choose furniture designed to meet ergonomic standards. The better the users will be installed, the greater their attention will be, making training time more efficient.

Being available to different users, these pieces of furniture will be used in different ways and not always with the utmost care. It would be a shame if you had to change it regularly and you were wasting time because of the breakage. Be sure to choose rugged furniture.

At the time of the whole computer, the training regularly requires the use of computers. If you have limited space and you want to optimize it by setting up a multipurpose training, meeting and working room, the essential solution is modular computer furniture. Opting for modular computer furniture will allow you to optimize the available space, to have multiple applications in a single room and to secure the computer hardware when it is not used.


The layout of your training tables and furniture

To properly arrange your furniture, you will have to define how the training will be conducted and what other function will serve this room. Will the training be only theoretical or for presentations? Will there be workshops? What role will the trainer play? Are you going to have meetings in this room?

Here are 4 examples of layout:

Implementation in the Classroom

Aménagement d'une salle de formation avec implantation en classeImplementation in classroom, ideal for computer training rooms

It is the most classical implantation, it is recommended in theoretical courses where the information and the trainer play a preponderant role. The presentation is valued and the attention is turned to a single point of information: the screen, the table, etc ... This implantation also promotes the exchange and interactivity with the trainer. The number of rows and the number of computers per row will vary according to your needs and the constraints of available space. For a narrow room, prefer compact training furniture as this type of furniture protects the material under the worktop when users do not need it. A perfect implantation in the context of a computer training room.


U-shaped layout for conferences and interactivity

Implantation en U pour l'aménagement d'une salle de formation réunionTraining room fit out with U-shaped implementation

Ideal for interactive conferences, this layout simplifies the movement of all users and facilitates the trainer’s movements that can follow each operator. With computer furniture equipped with the electrically retractable screen system, the trainer can lock the rise and fall of the screens to prevent users from being distracted.


Meeting table implementation

Aménagement d'une table de réunion avec du mobilier informatique de formationMeeting table implementation for training room

Perfect for lectures, meetings or boards, but reduces the trainer’s movements. The meeting table implementation is set up so that your training room becomes a meeting room equipped with the necessary material for presentations and sharing. The implementation in meeting table has the advantage of saving space in width. It will suit the rooms in length. This type of furniture with electrical system will have the advantage of meeting all the requirements of a training room and fulfilling the function of equipped meeting table. A way to enhance your image and combine 3 rooms into 1.


Islets implementation

Salle de formation avec des meubles informatiques implantés en ilots
Islets implementation solution for small training rooms or workshop training

A provision made for training based on collaboration between users. This implementation is less advisable if the trainer must be very present but is particularly suitable for small group workshops. Users are close and can chat with each other. For very small rooms with few participants, an island may suffice, if not several islands in a larger room. With or without castors, these training units with retractable push & pull screen will be a perfect solution.



This seems obvious but it is essential to think about the surrounding equipment because without good material, training can very quickly become a hell. 9 out of 10 people are stressed by the use of meeting technology and presentations. And this is normal because the problems associated with the hardware represent a considerable loss of time, cause a misunderstanding of the information transmitted and lead to demotivation among the participants. It is better to equip yourself appropriately and think about the needs of the trainer or speaker so that he too is in good disposition.

Instead of a simple paper board, prefer a video projector or an interactive screen adapted to the dimensions of your room. This will help in the transmission of information and will allow the trainer to act live on his presentations. You can also equip this room with a large screen and you have a data sharing system like the Barco system, a wireless solution and easy to use.

With a video presentation device by projection or on screen, it is necessary to block the outside light to avoid glare but above all to make sure that one can see what is projected. Do not forget to install adjustable blinds.


Environment and Light

It is always more pleasant and motivating to work in a neat place. For your image as well as for the effectiveness of the formations, a little "deco" can only be positive, especially if it is reflected.

Put a little color in your room, the whole white is a false friend because, in the long run, it creates migraines. Prefer pastel colors that will be less aggressive to the eyes and are very trendy. Do not put more than 2 different colors to avoid saturating the visual field and play on the camaïeux.

As for the "accessories", some framed posters or paintings will be a plus, like a green plant that will bring as a breath of oxygen. But if you are not expert in decoration, stay sober.

Regarding light, nothing is worth the light of day but, as explained earlier, in reasonable quantity to avoid glare. This is by far the best source of light. Optimize there by using adjustable blinds or opaque stickers on some of the windows. For indoor light, avoid spots that will be too bright and may be disturbing. General lighting with indirect light is a good thing, especially if it is complemented by individual light points. Finally, if you can, favor light bulbs that are close to daylight, your users will be happy!

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