Presentation EGIC’LAN

EGIC’LAN is a modular furniture system designed for fitting out technical rooms and server rooms. Able to support heavy loads of up to 150 kg per level and over 500 kg on the stand for central processing units, EGIC’LAN can accommodate a cluster of computer equipment while facilitating the management of cables and access to the local network

Aménagement d'une salle serveurs avec du mobilier informatique EGIC'LANInstallation in a server room


Aménagement d'une salle technique avec une station lan EGIC'LANInstallation in a technical room

Fully configurable, EGIC’LAN adapts to all types of rooms thanks to its numerous configuration options. Available in standard computer work stations, LAN stations, or bespoke work stations, EGIC’LAN has a large variety of accessories enabling it to meet all the requirements of modern technical rooms.

Description EGIC’LAN

Station lan informatique locaux techniques et salles serveurs

Technical details EGIC’LAN

Computer and lan station technical specifications 

Models and finishes for EGIC’LAN

Models of EGIC’LAN components

Main table tops

EGIC'LAN main table tops models list

2nd and third level tops

2nd and third level table tops for EGIC'LAN

Piétements des meubles EGIC’LAN

Egic'Lan support legs list



 Nuancier 2019



Funiture color chart 2018-2019

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