Presentation EGIC’DESK

The EGIC’DESK range is intended for fitting out control rooms, supervision rooms, and trading rooms. This range meets all the requirements in terms of security, robustness and ergonomics that these rooms, which often witness intensive and continuous activity, are likely to have.

In addition to meeting all the requirements of these applications, EGIC’DESK offers fully configurable solutions: each control room layout is designed from basic elements that are manufactured and assembled according to the specific requirements of each space.

Salle de contrôle avec mobilier techniqueControl room installation (front view)


Salle de contrôle avec mobilier technique ouvertControl room installation with open boxes (rear view)

The technical box: 
All the EGIC’DESK work stations are comprised of a technical box for sorting and protecting equipment (central processing units, power strips, cables, etc...) that ensures the excellent circulation of power and ventilation by natural convection avoiding any risk of overheating. The box is fitted with a detachable panel, at the front or at the back, providing fast and secure access to the equipment. This technical space also facilitates the routing of cables without threading.

The 3 types of table tops, the 3 series:

EGIC’DESK consists of 3 series. These 3 series are defined by the type of tops which range from the more standard with "Series 1" to the more specific with "Series 3". 

Description EGIC’DESK


Poste de pilotage EGIC'DESK "Série 1" idéal pour les salles de contrôle, salles de télésurveillance, salles de pilotage



EGIC’DESK "Series 1" : Multi-purpose work stations

The "Series 2" work stations have a single table top available in many different sizes. Designed to accommodate several screens, these work stations meet all the control room requirements :

  • Well thought-out ergonomic design for multi-users,
  • Robustness for 24/7 usage,
  • A closed technical space for managing servers, cables as well as connection systems.



EGIC’DESK "Series 2": The emphasis on the connections

The "Series 2" incorporates all the advantages of the "Series 1" with particular attention given to managing connection systems.

The "Series 2" work stations comprise a table top with a flip top providing direct access to a cable duct where the power strips are located. The work surface is therefore left uncluttered and organised thanks to this flip top which allows for the quick and easy management of electrical connections.


 Mobilier de contrôle : pupitre informatique pour salles de contrôle, de télésurveillance et salle de pilotage



Mobilier de contrôle et poste de pilotage avec plateau encaissé pour salles de pilotage, salles de contrôle, salles de marché




EGIC’DESK "Series 3": Emphasis on the field of vision 

Enjoying all the advantages of the "Series 1", EGIC’DESK "Series 3" prioritises the operator’s field of vision.

The "Series 3" work stations have a height adjustable, recessed top which provides an ergonomically correct working position and frees up the operator’s field of vision. This type of work station is used in rooms equipped with a video wall that operators have to monitor.


Technical details EGIC’DESK

Technical characteristics of an EGIC’DESK "Series 1" work station

Technical specifications of an EGIC'DESK Series 1 work station

Models and finishes for EGIC’DESK


EGIC’DESK control work stations table tops

Table tops models of the EGIC'DESK range

EGIC’DESK control work stations support legs

Support legs models of the EGIC'DESK range




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