Presentation DYNAMIC’ARMS

DYNAMIC’ARMS is the ultimate ergonomic monitor arm solution. Height, depth and horizontally adjustable, DYNAMIC’ARMS screen arms are extremely mobile and have 5 different tilt angles. Operated using gas assisted spring technology, these dynamic monitor arms enable you to move the screen rapidly and effortlessly free up the work area.

Bras support-écran avec assistance des déplacements

Made from cast aluminium, DYNAMIC’ARMS is a highly reliable and extremely mobile arm designed to support a screen weighing up to 9kg. DYNAMIC’ARMS provides mobility and comfort while at the same time demonstrating outstanding reliability. Without question, the best screen support arm for desks with displays.


Description DYNAMIC’ARMS

Bras support-écran ergonomique pour les moniteurs jusqu'à 28"

Models and finishes for DYNAMIC’ARMS

Models for DYNAMIC’ARMS monitor arms

Heads and extensions for the dynamic arms

 Head and extensions of the monitor arms DYNCAMIC

Attachments and feet for the monitor arms DYNAMIC

 Attachments and feet for monitor arms DYNAMIC



Please find below the different colours offered by EGIC

Colour finishes of the DYNAMIC ARMS 

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