Presentation CPU’HOLDERS - TECNO

The TECNO CPU holders and cabinets are an ideal solution for ensuring the security of equipment and data. In metal or melamine, fitted with a lockable door or strip, there is a holder and cabinet model for every type of CPU

 CPU'HOLDERS TECNO - coffrets et supports unité centrale

A range with a large choice of possible options enabling you to find THE perfect solution for each project.


Details of the central processing unit box ref : CSF 551

support unité centrale sécurisé par coffret métallique

Models and finishes for CPU’HOLDERS - TECNO

TECNO CPU boxes model

The different CPU cabinet models

Les différents modèles de caisson pour unité central TECHNO

CPU boxes finishes

Supports for positioning the CPU cabinets on the ground

Supports pour pose au sol des caissons TECHNO


Les finitions de couleur pour les caissons UC TECHNO

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