Presentation CABLE’POST

The Cable’Post range is made up of power distribution terminals and columns ideal for open spaces and laboratories.

colonnes de distribution des fluides pour open-space

Presented in the form of posts or floor-to-ceiling poles, they can be single or double sided. These columns have endless configuration options and are ideal for installations with a large number of work stations to connect.

Borne de prises et de gestion des câbles pour une utilisation mobile

Another advantage, Cable’Post columns and posts have a dual channel: one equipped with sockets and the other with an excess cable management system. An application suitable for environments requiring careful cable management.

Description CABLE’POST

 Bornes et colonnes de distribution des fluides

Models and finishes for CABLE’POST

Power distribution column models

Configuration examples for MINI DUPLO, DUPLO and VERTICAL models

Here are some examples of configurations for the various models in the CABLE’POST range. The MINI DUPLO and DUPLO models can be single or double-sided which doubles the number of modules.

 CABLE'POST models

List of outlet modules

Create your POWER’CUBE according to your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or advice.

modules list for CABLE'POST

1 - Solid faceplate 45 x 45mm
2 - Solid faceplate 45 x 22.5mm
3 - French socket, 2 poles + earth
4 - Double USB 2.0, 45 x 45mm
5 - USB 2.0 or 3.0, 45 x 45mm
6 - USB 2.0 or 3.0, 45 x 22,5mm
7 - Faceplate 45 x 45mm + 2 RJ45 cover
8 - Faceplate 45 x 22.5mm + 1 RJ45 cover


9 - Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 45mm
10 - Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 22.5mm
11 - VGA connectors + Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 45mm
12 - VGA connection unit, 45 x 45mm
13 - HDMI socket, 45 x 22.5mm
14 - DVl-I connectors + Audio stereo jack 3.5mm, 45 x 45mm
15 - 3-pin XLR connector 45 x 22.5mm
16 - BNC connector (with cable), 45 x 22.5mm



Each model has its own finishes: DUPLO and MINI DUPLO are available in grey or white, while VERTICAL is available in anodised red or anodised silver.

colour dinishes of CABLE'POST

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